It’s time to shine


6 months walking hand in hand showing you how to embrace the vibrant mama Goddess that you are, helping you enjoy your pregnancy and go into the birth process with peace and love.

Does this sound familiar?

  • Divine Goddess, are you struggling to keep healthy and vibrant during your pregnancy?
  • Do you feel lazy, stagnant and find yourself having unhealthy cravings?
  • Are you having new pains in your body that are impeding you from having a good nights rest?

divine woman

I’m here to tell you there is another way.

You can be the most vibrant and radiant self in your pregnant body and embrace the mama Goddess that you are.

 It’s time to refresh your body and have the pregnancy of your dreams.

  • Love your pregnant body.
  • Develop a love for yourself that you never felt before.
  • Embrase, love and understand all the changes your body is going through.
  • Honor yourself and the magical transformation you are going through.
  • Feel great in your own skin.
  • Have a healthy relationship with your body and baby.
  • Feel in control of your and your growing baby’s health.
  • Respect and nourish your body and its process.
  • Have glowing skin.
  • Actually adore what you see in the mirror.
  • Get a repairing good nights sleep.
  • Enter the birth process in peace and confidence.

Outcomes of this program

  • Enjoy a healthy, pain free and radiant pregnancy, keeping your body vibrant and nourished.
  • Incorporate new rituals into your life which will keep you vibrating and feeling alive.
  • Learn how to chose the most nourishing foods, recommended herbs & supplements for your and your growing baby.
  • Incorporate time for play, ritual and movement in your weekly schedule, which will have you feeling joyful, shinning and deeply relaxed.
  • Practice meditations and Yoga Nidra to reduce anxiety and prepare yourself for birth.
  • See and feel yourself radiating perfect health and completely prepared as you enter your birth process in peace, calm and ease.
  • Prepare your body and mind for birth.
There’s bonuses…

Post-Partum Yoni Steaming Guide

Steaming will help your uterus return back to its normal size at a faster rate. It also supports the entire area of your vulva and vagina by encouraging blood flow, stimulating healing, and relieving pain. 

Post-Partum Recovery Yoga Video

Postpartum yoga eases your body into healthy and safe movements with the entire pregnancy and birthing experience in mind in order to avoid injury.

Vision Board Manifestation Session

Did you know that if you create a physical representation your goals, you are much more likely to stick with them? A vision board gives clarity to your intentions and the deeper longings of your soul.

You deserve to be held, seen, and supported through this journey from pregnancy to motherhood.